your product has 3 seconds to attract attention. does it?

Your logo and packaging — or, your Look — is as important to your success as the product itself. According to Nielsen research, 64% of consumers will try a new product because they liked the package design, and 36% regularly select purchases based on packaging design alone. Your Look is the most important asset you have when your product is sitting on-shelf, competing for the attention of a busy shopper — it brings your product to life, infuses it with character, communicates its purpose, and invites the consumer to connect with it. You might have created the best chocolate bar known to womankind, but if your Look isn't communicating properly, your chocolate bar will remain on the shelf. And that's where I come in.

through strategic design, I can help your product send the right look — one that effortlessly attracts attention, and lands your product in the cart.

If you could use some help, let's partner-up. We'll start with a free, half-hour consultation. We'll talk about your big-picture goals, and I'll give you feedback on your current Look. If working together feels like a good fit, I'll send you a detailed work proposal outlining the project scope, process, timeline, and costs. When the work proposal is accepted, we'll dive into the realm of creativity, and come out with the best possible solution. 

In order for us to maximize our time together, I'll need to know a few things about your business first. Once you've submitted the form below, I'll be in touch to set up a time to speak by phone (or video chat, if you prefer).

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