Whether you're a start-up, or a mid-sized company ready for a more compelling Look, I can help you turn your ideas into an engaging, and effective package. Through the wonders of technology, I can easily work with you no matter where you are. For a free 30-minute consultation, click here >>>


From conception to completion, we'll work together to turn your ideas into design that sells

phase 1. discovery

We'll start by exploring a comprehensive Design Questionnaire together. This will help us outline your vision, and clarify your objectives by:

• Investigating your essence, and talking about what really makes your product different

• Determining who your audience is, what they need, and how you'd like to make them feel

• Reviewing your brand promise, and how you'll convey it

• Taking a look at the overall market to strategize your best position

We'll also share an inspiration board on Pinterest, and when we're through, I'll draft a Creative Brief. 

phase 2. creative

The Creative Brief will outline our objectives, and keep our project on-track. Using these objectives as a guide, I'll dive into the Creative phase. First, I'll draw visual inspiration from our Pinterest board, as well as any other relevant sources that support your brand (art, food, social trends, history, etc). I'll look around at other players in your field, and note the strategies they're currently using. I'll combine my creative incubation process with well-honed design skills, and begin to draft numerous thumbnail sketches. From these sketches, several concepts will be chosen for further exploration, and polished into concept renderings that I'll present to you.

phase 3. review

We'll review the initial concepts in a work session together, and discuss pros and cons for each. In this phase, you'll have the option to put your preferred choices up for a select consumer review to collect objective, anonymous feedback. Then, we'll select the strongest concept to move into the next round.

phase 4. Revise 

Based on your feedback, and the feedback from our consumer panel (if you've chosen this option), revisions will be incorporated into the chosen concept. This could translate into big changes, like replacing an illustrative style; or it could mean smaller refinements, like nuancing colors until they really pop. Whatever is required, this is the phase where we roll up our sleeves, and do what it takes to create the hardest-working, most attention-grabbing design possible. Another consumer review is optional at this point.

phase 5. release

In this phase, we're in the home stretch! I'll work with your print vendor, and retrieve a dieline, and discuss any finishing options that will really make your design pop. I'll apply the design to the dieline, review print proofs with you, and release the files for print. If you haven't sourced a print vendor, I can make a few recommendations. Once the packaging files are released, a Look Guide is created, and a DropBox folder is shared to hold all your graphic assets. 

Here's what a few others have said about the process:

"Brenda is a talented and creative designer, wrapped in a delightful, personable and patient professional package. She worked with our whole staff, absorbed our suggestions, and did an excellent job of capturing what we wanted and bringing it to the public in a most effective way— the response to our new identity and packaging has been fantastic!" — Al Silbowitz

"Brenda is extremely talented, and a delight to work with on every level. That's a pretty powerful combination!" – Michael Kell

"I have worked with Brenda in designing logos for two businesses, and for both, her creativity exceeded my level of expectation. Brenda's insight and vision turned my thoughts and ideas into a work of art. Without her genuine talent, those ideas would still just be ideas." — Ardyce Hutmacher

"I couldn't have been happier with the work Brenda did for us. She grasped the concept we were shooting for with amazing intuitiveness. Her creative abilities are exceptional, and I am glad to have found someone of her caliber to work with." – Kim Kinderman

"It was a pleasure to work with you Brenda — you're very, very talented. So thank you for working with me and Dagoba and dealing with the most often crazy times there. You always pulled through for me. We had a lot of fun together and I think we created some incredible work. Dagoba led the way in a niche market and you were an important part of making it happen." – Frederick Schilling

Questions? Feel free to reach out. I'm just a click away!

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