TypeFont, No! Top 5 Font Picks for July

In my last post on typography, I administered the "Mom Test," and discussed type's unique ability to evoke emotion. I also gave a brief history on the words "typeface" and "font," which lead to my insistence that you never mash those two terms together. Hence the title "TypeFont, No!" You can read that post HERE >>>

When choosing a typeface for your next project, you'll want to consider your objective. If you're drafting your resumé for instance, you'll want to choose a professional, well-rounded typeface that gives you the freedom to bold, italicize, or small cap, in order to highlight areas of importance. If you're designing your wedding invitation on the other hand, you might choose a romantic and even playful, hand-rendered script. But, using that same playful script on your resumé, is an absolute no-no. Fonts convey feeling and attitude, and you've got to determine what message you're sending before choosing the right font for the job. 

Today, I'm revealing my top 5 font picks for July. They've made my top 5 because they each do an excellent job of conveying feeling. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a MyFonts affiliate. That said, I would never endorse anything I haven't tried, and am absolutely in love with. One of the best things about MyFonts is the ability to test drive fonts before you purchase. Sometimes, certain characters in a font will look really beautiful, while others are illegible. The ability to test drive your particular word or phrase allows you to make a more confident purchase. With each of these fonts, there really isn't a bad character in the bunch!

Here are this month's top font choices, in no particular order: 

1. Ernest & Emily

The latest typeface by Nicky Laatz is a beautiful, hand-rendered font that includes both script and san-serif. There are three variants, slanted, regular, and upright. With over 224 letterforms to choose from, you have the freedom to mix and match. It evokes a happy, light-hearted, playful feeling.

2. Magneton

This typeface by Mika Melvas is a beautiful brush script that comes in three weights and two slant angles. This allows you to adjust the look and feel as if you were writing with a real brush pen. It evokes a hip, retro, advertising feel that's been modernized for visual ease.

3. Questa Serif

This typeface was designed by The Questa Project — a type foundry of Dutch type designers Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga. Previously, they've designed award-winning typefaces like Scala, and Museo, and now, they've brought us a new typeface to fall in love with!  Questa Serif is a serif typeface that includes 10 styles — light, regular, medium, bold, black, and all their italic counterparts. This font has a legible, open, classic feeling to it. You'll take it seriously, but you'll want to play with it too. 

4. Geometos Neue

An all caps display typeface by Graphite, Geometos Neue contains 7 weights, and has a clean, sharp, contemporary feeling. It is a modern font that will shout your message, and easily play well with others. 

5. liebeerika

A brand new typeface from LiebeFonts, LiebeErika is warm and friendly. It has a sweet, child-like simplicity to it, without being childish. There are four weights, and each weight has a whopping 540 glyphs to choose from! Some of the glyphs are swash-like variants, and others are the standard letterform with different diacritical marks. 

Here's hoping you find the perfect font for your next project.

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