Personal Pantone Picks

In design, we navigate the world of color with the help of industry captain, Pantone. Pantone, is the creator of the Pantone Matching System (a standardized color reproduction system), and manufacturer of color swatch books that help us easily specify colors for printing. It is because of Pantone, that I can send my business cards to Moo without ever speaking to a live person, and know, for certain, that those colors will print exactly the way I want them to. Thank you, Pantone!

Every year, Pantone comes out with it's Color of the Year. And because they serve multiple industries in the design world — graphics, interiors, fashion — the Color of the Year inspires trends across the board. Those light pink, and periwinkle tones that keep cropping up everywhere? Like 'em or not, we've got Pantone to thank!

2016 Co-Colors of the Year

2016 Co-Colors of the Year

2017 Pick

2017 Pick

As much as I love Pantone, and the folks at the Pantone Color Intelligence Institute (yes, that is a real thing), the colors they choose as their annual trendsetters do not always tickle my fancy. That said, I believe that just about any color, paired with the right friends, can really pack a punch. So, I'm using this year's Top Pick — aka Greenery — as my inspiration for several palettes that really show off this year's color genius.









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